Weak current system integrator

Weak current system integrator

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• 机房集成系统

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Product name : -DRCC9003 parking
Item :hb-003
Price :

Details :

Durable, fashion without losing innovative design; the whole is waterproof, dust, rust design; can realize the automatic issuing temporary vehicle, saving labor costs; artificial image contrast: the user access cards automatically capture the image; a variety of charges for choice, can according to the models, category, time, time, flexible management fees ( support cards, temporary cards, stored-value cards, free card and other toll mode, and can realize the combination of a variety of modes of use); the remaining parking display; system for administrators and operators to implement and perfect the password access control; system using industrial grade chip, the modular structure, high speed and stable product performance.
Working voltage
AC220V + 10%/50Hz
Ambient temperature
-25℃ ~ +65 ℃
Relative humidity
≤ 95% without dew
Car card type
EM card, IC card, RFID
Card capacity
Article 10000
Offline recording capacity
Article 10000
Management of traffic flow
More than 1000 vehicles / day
Means of communication
The type of database
Operating system
Win2000+sp4, Win XP, Win 2003/Win7
Display function
Display 40 Chinese characters, can free loading content
The voice prompt function
Optional function
Intercom function
Optional function
Application mode
The central charge mode, large sets of small model, export pricing model
Vehicle detection function
Optional function
Automatic recovery function card, card
Optional function
Automatic paper tickets
Optional function
Automatic license plate recognition
Documents captured
In, long-distance card
Support, distance ( 2-15 m)
The size ( length x width x height)

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