Weak current system integrator

Weak current system integrator

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Product name : Household central sound system host
Item :hb-003
Price :

Details :

Household central sound system equipment, intelligent home furnishing selection of 3.6 inch 4:3 65000 true color touch screen;
The display part s family background music system adopts LCD All-Graphic display, with more simple, easy operation experience for the user to touch screen operation;
Household central sound system equipment, intelligent home furnishing the built-in 1 MP3 player, can access up to 4GB SD memory card, system support MP3 audio song name display;
■at the same time, household central sound system equipment of intelligent home furnishing also built 1 digital tuner, the user can easily listen to radio programs from FM or AM;
■finally, 3 AUX interface family background music system equipment design, the user can access the TV audio source or the home DVD audio equipment and so on, and also separately for the 3 AUX source distribution
Infrared learning function were prepared, is convenient for the user to select an external audio device on one, the next song, play or pause function;
■16 area Hifi stereo sound output, each region can independently choose the sound, music, and output volume;
■amplifier array, 12 road, 2×8 Ω20W stereo output, suitable for installation in the room; 4 stereo audio signal output, external professional power amplifier or household power amplifier, suitable for large living room,
Space environment;
■family background music system equipment also preset 1 power management, convenient for users to access other related equipment, such as access to other audio equipment;
■6 emergency input, the user can access the system of intelligent home furnishing, smoke, gas, once the accident, Besp intelligent home furnishing intelligent home furnishing family background music system can realize automatic
Alarm function;
■family background music system adaptive control panel with the terminal into the wall type design control;
■family background music system uses the password to enter the setting and intelligent home furnishing security system deployment / Chefang function;
■provide a variety of styles of horn for the user to choose;
■household central audio equipment support long distance anti-interference control line;
■each room independent full remote control, volume, source control, standard time synchronization with the intelligent home furnishing household central sound system host time;
■ MP3, DVD supports single, single cycle, all, all loop four modes of play;
A special day, special time programming time designated function, can specify the song playing on the 4 sources, one day can edit 99 timing program, timing according to cycle;
■each region can be open, independent control, independent control region speaker output volume and high / low pitch size;
■each partition independently selected different audio listening, independent control of AUX, Mp3 and radio stored radio playing music;
■family background music system host can be preset to all regional function;
■equipment design RS-232 interface, the system can access the intelligent home furnishing in the control system, perfect play smart home background music system;
■construction suitable for villas, Ping layer, Cuoceng, duplex, room area.

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