Weak current system integrator

Weak current system integrator

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Product name : Identity recognition machine
Item :hb-003
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Details :

Visitor registration : you can use the certificate generation, two generation ID card, driving license, the soldiers were personnel registration information;
Reservation management system: through the dial can be directly with the people interviewed, determine whether the people interviewed in the office area and is convenient to receive;
Visitor belongings Management: name, the system records visitor carried articles, the number of storage time, a time information;
Vehicle registration management: the system can register, vehicle license plate number, time and other information, and can be used for frequent vehicles granting temporary access card;
Visitors receipt printing or temporary pass cards: through the system can print a barcode paper visitor list, the visitors leave through the bar code automatic cancellation. In addition, for the visiting guests frequently issued temporary access card;
Visiting people, into the image management: external camera, shooting visitor entered, dynamic image out and saved automatically;
Visit record statistical query: surveyed units may be based on any information, visiting time, visiting the unit ID number of visiting registration process query visitor history, the query results can be output to the electronic document, and can report forms of display, print daily report, monthly report;
Rights management: the system is provided with a rights management, can determine the different operators of the system permissions, better protection of the visitor personnel information;
Personnel data archiving function: the basic information of enterprise personnel, input cases, gender, department name, office location, telephone number and other information, this function allows service personnel of flexible grasp the basic information of the employees, more conducive to good service to customers, to be followed in the visitor registration information convenient choice, interviewed department and interviewed;
Can be associated access control system, channel system, card system;

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